Talent we seek

As a member of the number one planning resources team in the world, we are able to express a new lifestyle, design a system that surpasses people’s imagination, and are seeking talent who will become leaders themselves.


We seek diversity for our personnel and people who are independently responsible for themselves, who are able to surpass the limits of gender, nationality, age and others value systems, make use of experiences and challenge themselves towards a new way of working.


Passion is contagious. We also place the ability to take action, as the most important characteristic of a person. We seek talent who will lead LIFE STYLE through action and with passion.


Everyone must overcome their own problems. We seek those who embody the ideals of wanting to produce results when making their efforts. A collection of individuals who actively make efforts to solve various problems, will realize a driving force when working together as the planning resources team.


Talent who influences

LIFE STYLE defines influence using three axes. Influence is what our contribution to society is. Our grand “plan” is to give value and influence people, society, the world, and the earth.


Designer / Creator



Corporate Staff


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