“The production of an ecosystem which will create VR content into this world”


LIFE STYLE has chosen the technology, VR, as a method to realize the mission to bring excitement and broaden the scope of experiences for people.


The VR market, which is in the midst of growth, in opposition to their sudden increase and evolution of their technology, is in a position where it is having troubles catching up to popularization.
What composes this problem, is that the content which appears on the market is lacking in quality and in numbers. This is also signifying that we have serious lack of creators.


Therefore, our company will, in our first phase of business, pursue the support of VR creators. We will provide a place for learning, production source and business matching opportunities. Through creating an eco-system, we will be able to provide excitement to more clientele.


VR Creators Academy

“Learning about VR”

This is an educational service that aims to support VR creators towards growth and earning certifications.
Through short term, concentrated lectures, it is possible to learn industry specific film techniques, and production skills for filming VR content. We also have enrichment programs that support and help users acquire certifications.

VR Creators Matching Platform

“Planning for VR”

We provide a match making service between global VR creators and users using a service called Flic360.
Through the global spreading of the VR Creators Network, and the full support from our specialized staff, we give the highest form of assistance for the planning and the production of VR contents.

VR Creators Tool

“Creating VR”

Through our service Flic360, we provide an online service that lets users broadcast VR contents they have created.
Through a simple navigation interface and online tools, creators are able to simply create VR content that they have imagined, and let other people see their creations.


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